Swipe at Booking


Swipe at Booking allows an inmate to store credit card information when they are Booked into the facility.The inmate may then access this credit card during their incarceration to transfer funds from their credit card to their Inmate Account in Lockdown.Fees for these transfers are the same as the fee’s charged on the Lobby Kiosk and through the Internet (JailATM.com).

User Instructions.

  1. From a Resident’s Account screen, click on the “Property” tab at the bottom of the page.

  1. Click On “Store Credit Card”.

  1. A box should appear in the screen that says “Swipe Card”

  1. Swipe the credit card through the card reader.

  1. A box should appear that says “Card Loaded”.

  1. Click on “OK” and the card information will appear as a line on the Property screen.

  1. Multiple cards can be swiped and stored in the system.

  1. When the inmate is released, the credit card information will be deleted from the system.

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