Commissary Auto Post Setup

Overview:Commissary Auto Posting will automatically Post all Off Site, and On Site Orders that are in the Pre-Order Queue of Lockdown at a specified date(s) and time.Additionally, if the Facility is set up for Online Commissary / Web Pack (New style), the Web Orders will also post at the same time.If the Facility wants to Post the On Site Items at a different time/date, a Posting Group Restriction must be set up to allow for the Manual Posting of the On Site items (See Instruction “Establish Item Posting Group”).

Options.The following Options must be set in the “Commissary” Tab.

  • Automatic Order Post: Select “Automatic Post”
  • Scheduled Posting:Checked
  • Order Post Time:Select the time that Orders should be Posted (Local time where Lockdown Server is located).

Restriction.A Restriction titled “Scheduled Posting” must be created to establish the requirements for the Auto Post. Normally, there is one Scheduled Posting Restriction for a Facility, however, Multiple Scheduled Posting Restrictions can be created if required by the Facility (Example:Each day of the Week, a separate Housing Unit’s Orders are Posted).In this case, name the Restrictions “Scheduled Posting – Housing Unit” (Example: Scheduled Posting – Pod A)

  1. From the Top Menu, click on “Residents – Restrictions”.
  2. Click on the “Create a New Restriction” Button.
  • Restriction Tab:
    • Assign the name to the restriction: “Scheduled Posting”.
    • Check the “Active” Box.
    • Check the “Auto Assign” Box.
    • In the “Notes” field explain the restriction.
    • Click on the “Save” button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Rules Tab:
  • Click on the “New” button.
  • A rule will automatically populate with “*” in all columns.This will apply the rule to everyone in the facility. If you only want the Auto Post to apply to a portion of the Facility, you can specify who it applies to on this Tab.
  • Dates Tab:
  • Check the Box after “Auto Post Orders”.
  • Check the Box for the day(s) of the week that Orders should Auto Post for the inmates specified on the Rules Tab.Multiple days can be selected if desired.
  • Click on the “Restriction” Tab and click on the “Save” button.

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